Sustainable Housing

Sustainable Housing

Victorian Government - Ministry of Housing

Overview: A national architecture competition to design 100 ecologically sustainable houses on a site in the inner city suburb of Windsor, Melbourne. 

Design response: The scheme offers new housing that would have zero greenhouse gas omissions. Dwellings have a level of energy efficiency that requires no heating in winter and no cooling in summer. This has been acheived through intelligent passive design rather than complex active systems. 

The challenge was to fit 100 new houses on a site that would more easily accommodate 70 -80, and at the same time provide the highest standards in social and ecological sustainability. A medium rise housing model was explored as the most efficient way of delivering access to winter sun for all dwellings. This model was elaborated with a hierarchy of private, semi-private and semi-public spaces to foster a sense of place, ownership and community amongst the residents. 

A collaboration with Warren Giesbers and architect Jacinta Vines. 

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