Port Melbourne House

Port Melbourne House

Featured in Houses Magazine, Summer 2006

Shortlisted: 2004 RAIA Residential Architecture Awards

Featured in the following book:
100 Great House Extensions
Ed. Philip Jodidio, Images Publishing, 2007 

Hidden behind the heritage façade of a single storey terrace in Port Melbourne, this spacious new two storey house has transormed its tiny site. 

To overcome surrounding high walls and fences, the new home looks upwards to the sky for natural light and ventilation. The interior has a new spatial organisation that escapes the overwhelming smallness and narrowness of the original house. Previously compressed at the narrowing rear of the site, the new living areas expand to fill the large volume offered at the front of the house, with high ceilings obtained by carving out the underside of the existing principal roof. 

To the rear, the 1st floor extension emerges from the surrounding metal roofs and fences as an opaque metallic object that opens privately onto a roof terrace. The roof terrace and the kitchen directly below are positioned at the centre of the site to be the social hubs of the house. 

Photography: Derek Swalwell

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