Northcote House

Northcote House

Featured in Australian House & Garden Magazine, August 2014 Edition

This new home is all about allowing a young family to interact, seek privacy, entertain, learn, play and grow. 

Flexibility and adaptability are central to the success of the design, allowing the family to change as toddlers navigate childhood towards adolescence and beyond.  Spaces within the home are organised accordingly, with living areas connected yet separable, overlapping yet distinct. 

Simple passive design techniques drive the environmental performance of this house, with orientation, natural ventilation, thermal mass, insulation and appropriate glazing combining to provide year round comfort.  Materials have been chosen for their durability, economy and environmental characteristics. 

Responding to its unembellished post-war bungalow surroundings, the exterior of the house employs familiar architectural forms removed of unnecessary detail to provide a new voice in the neighbourhood.  Siting takes full advantage of its corner location to engage socially with the surrounding streets and the local pocket park, whilst maximising northern orientation for the living areas. 

This project shows that a robust and adaptable family home can be energy efficient, sustainable, beautiful, and affordable, whilst still addressing issues of context and the street in positive ways.  

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