Movida Sydney

Movida Sydney

Movida has arrived in Sydney with their first new venue opening in Surry Hills.  The brief was to offer an unmistakable slice of Melbourne, MoVida style!

For this reason, the fit out has strong links with the Melbourne MoVida lineage, with tiled bar fronts, chunky timber bar tops, and rustic/industrial steel work.  The cookie cutter screens of MoVida Next Door and Hosier lane are also represented, as well as the terracotta and schoolhouse lights.

Each MoVida fit out is not just a carbon copy, but has something new to say as well.    An important newcomer at  MoVida Surry Hills is the booth – conceived as a stylistic off-shoot of the established MoVida banquette, but providing the unparalleled dining intimacy that only a booth can offer.  MoVida Surry Hills also connects with the street more than any other MoVida – all the windows open up on the footpath to take full advantage Sydney’s climate, and to further engage the restaurant with the public realm.

Movida Surry Hills consciously fine tunes the relationship between the open kitchen and the dining room too – with brightly coloured glass louvres providing an adjustable filter intervening between the two.  This allows the kitchen to enrich and enliven the dining experience without overwhelming it.