MoVida Aqui

MoVida Aqui

2011 Australian Interior Design Awards Shortlist: Hospitality Design 

The story of one of Australia’s finest Spanish restaurants has a new chapter with the opening of MoVida Aqui and Terraza at 500 Bourke St, Melbourne. The project engages with the ongoing revitalisation of Melbourne’s West End, helping to activate the nearby streets through its status as a destination restaurant. The two venues compliment each other similarly to the original MoVida and its little sister Next Door. The pint size Terazza offers quick, light tapas-style informality and can also entertain customers awaiting a table in the main restaurant. Aqui, the largest of the MoVida family, offers dining opportunities for larger groups and functions, whilst not neglecting the needs of smaller parties. 

Fitting into a modern new building required a fresh take on the architectural identity of MoVida. The key ingredient of fine dining in a fun and informal setting is preserved, with the same attention to the theatre of eating out. However new elements such as the open kitchen beside the central bar serve to enliven the space, and links with Spain and Melbourne’s street art culture are woven throughout the design. Views over the outdoor dining terrace to the dome of the Supreme Court help to enrich the experience even further. 

Photography: Trevor Mein 

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