Dalkeith Heights Lifestyle Village

Dalkeith Heights Lifestyle Village

Housing Award, 2010 Australasian Over 50's Housing Awards:  Most Outstanding Ecologically Sustainable Lifestyle Village 

Dalkeith Heights is a new socially and ecologically sustainable lifestyle village in Traralgon, Victoria. The clients have a vision to create a state of the art new community that will set a new standard in lifestyle options for the Latrobe Valley region. 

The $40 Million project includes over 150 houses and a community building offering resort style amenities. Buildings are designed to be energy efficient, low carbon, and environmentally friendly. 

Houses provide 6 star energy rated, state of the art smart living, with the seamless integration of lifestyle, technology and healthcare. 

Streets are layed out to encourage walking and social interaction between residents. Houses will have a social ‘front porch’ as well as private rear courtyards. Resort style community facilities will ensure that residents can stay active in their community. 

Note:  The image shown here is an early concept plan, and is not current.

Photography: UA Creative 

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