Cape Paterson Ecovillage

Cape Paterson Ecovillage

Winner: Premier's Sustainability Prize 2012, Built Environment – Design category.  .New zero carbon, sustainable community .

Adam Dettrick Architects are proud to be the Project Architect for Cape Paterson Ecovillage. Our role so far has been providing guidance on ecological and social sustainability issues, together with drafting the design guidelines and coordinating the development of ten pre-designed 7.5 star energy rated affordable homes.  Each Cape Paterson Sustainable Home includes 2.5kW of rooftop solar power, 10,000 litres of rainwater storage, double glazed windows and many other sustainable features. 

The Cape Paterson Ecovillage is looking to set a national benchmark for sustainable architecture, aiming to achieve as close to a zero carbon standard as possible, and establishing a reference project for sustainable building for the development industry. With the onset of global warming, carbon trading and increasing costs for water and energy, the types of innovations and sustainability features of the ecovillage will make perfect economic sense. 

The zero carbon study, commissioned by Sustainability Victoria and the Cape Paterson Ecovillage, shows sustainable technology has reached a tipping point where the financial benefits of building and living in environmentally friendly homes now far outweigh the costs. Whether you are looking for low cost retirement, family friendly lifestyle, a sea change or just an inspiring work-from-home environment, the Cape Paterson Ecovillage will reduce your cost of living, and so free you up to enjoy the things in life you value. We can confidently say that financial and environmental objectives go together. 

The houses shown here are two of our Cape Paterson Sustainable Home designs, available for use by the buyers at Cape Paterson Ecovillage. 

Follow the link below to the Cape Paterson Ecovillage website to find out more.... 

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Images: Aspect Studios

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